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Well we’re back from holidays and “enjoying” this cold, icy weather!  I thought I would warm up the day a bit and share a summer bride from last year!

laughing bride

happy bride enjoys her wedding day

lace dress with open back bride

bride walking in lace dress

As we look forward to a fabulous new year, we also enjoy reminiscing about the wonderful year just past. Enjoy a little look back to some of the highlights from 2014!

Gorgeous flowers by Rod Meek for a fabulous bridal portrait session this week.  I can’t show you the bride’s pictures yet as my policy is to not display bridal sessions until after the wedding has occurred (dont want to ruin the bride’s big moment!), but thought the flowers were worth their own post!

white bridal bouquet

What an amazing time we all had photographing what will hopefully be the cover of the next Central Virginia Bridal Guide!  Caitlin won the Bride of the Year at the luncheon earlier this year and was the perfect model for us!  She used her actual dress for her upcoming July wedding so we can’t show you any of her pictures but here are some detail images from the shoot styled by Sandra from RS Exclusives.

styling: R S Exclusives
flora: Doyle’s Florists
dress: Church Street Bridal
tailoring: The Gilded Thimble
shoes: Must Have Shoes
hair & makeup: Emily Garbee @ Bodyworks

This was one of the locations we used!
sunset over Lynchburg

Watching 15 balloons emerge from Sandra’s car was something else!
15 balloons

Sandra from R S Exclusives
Sandra from RS Exclusives

Sandra provided the stunning ikat fabric
hot pink wedding shoes

bridal bouquet with orange and pink from Doyle’s
Doyle's bridal bouquet

do you notice a trend with the number 15?
anniversary cupcake

our shoot went into the night so Sandra provided us with gorgeous lighting
candles at night

and thanks again to our wonderful bride,  Caitlin! You rocked it!
balloon bride


I can finally post this in-studio and on location bridal session.  Kate’s mom bought her wedding dress without a ring in sight (I’m not even sure she was dating at the time) and boy did she hit it out of the ballpark!  This amazing antique with incredible lace is a one of a kind unique creation, just like the bride wearing it.  Enjoy some images from her session and be sure to check out the entire take on the slideshow.






and enjoy the video slideshow with all her images…

I’ll post some snaps from the bridal album tomorrow!

Congrats to Kate and Jason


While I can’t show you the “real” shot from my bridal portrait session since the bride is not getting married until October, here’s a grab shot from my set up and test (with stand in bride)!



as much as I do?  Well listen up then!  The first bride to call and be willing to go out in the snow in the next three days will receive a free portrait session (worth $250) and a free 16 x 20 of their favorite image (worth over $300).  Thats a $500+ portrait session for FREE!  There are some restrictions so please contact us ASAP if you are interested in learn more! 434-384-0138 or



Two favorites from a fabulous session – digging that film grain (and no thats not added in post!)




at one of my favorite local venues, Oak Ridge Estate. And boy did we get lucky with the weather! See for yourself!